Laptop Services

Mount Marty College does not require students to purchase computers. While the college does offer limited access to computers through college computing labs a student may find it more convenient to bring his/her own computer to campus. Students are encouraged to purchase a computer since instructors may require a laptop computer in the classroom. 

Mount Marty College provides the following guidelines for those who choose to bring a computer to campus that are reviewed annually. A student computer should conform to the hardware specifications and software standards. Students and parents should be aware of any hardware and specific software applications that may need to purchased by the student in order to satisfy a specific academic program.

HARDWARE Windows Apple
Operating System Windows 7,8,8.1,10 professional not home edition OS X 10.7,10.8,10.9,10.10
Processor Core i Series multicore Intel Core2
Hard Disk 200GB HD or SSID 200GB HD or SSID
Video No requirement No requirement
CD/DVD Internal or external suggested but not required Internal or external suggested but not required
USB ports Required Required
Ethernet Wired Suggested but not required Suggested but not required
Ethernet Wireless 802.11/ban required 802.11/bgn required
Backup USB flash drive required USB flash drive required
Printer Not required Not required

The Mount Marty College network provides connectivity and printing support for additional mobile devices such as the Apple IPod, Android tablet and most smart phones that a student may choose to use.

Mount Marty College wired (no wireless) network provides connectivity for game consoles and smart TV's.  Mount Marty College will not make any changes to firewalls to open ports needed to accommodate entertainment devices.  College technology resources are to be used to advance MMC’s mission of education, scholarship and service. Faculty, students and staff may use these resources for purposes related to their studies or research, their teaching, the execution of their duties as college employees, their official business with or for the College, or other College-sanctioned activities in accordance with the College’s Acceptable Use (see: Appendix C).

Mount Marty College provides limited hardware support for non college-owned computers. Student's should either insure the computer or device in case of accidental damage or purchase extended warranty coverage from the manufacturer to cover warranty issues..

Specific software packages are used in many academic programs and departments across campus. While other packages can provide the same functions, there are significant convenience advantages to using one of the standard packages. In many courses in which assignments are submitted in digital format, it is expected that the files submitted will conform to these standards. Mount Marty College has a published list of standards for software below. Recommendations for software used by students is the same as that recommended for college-owned computers. This includes:

  • Virus Software - Symantec Endpoint Protection.
  • Office Software Suite - Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher and OneNote
  • Web Browser - Microsoft Internet Explore, Firefox, Safari, Chrome
  • E-mail - Microsoft Outlook Web, Microsoft Exchange Active Sync and Microsoft Outlook Client.
  • Printing - Software Drivers, Web and Follow me  printing.

Windows-based computers are the dominant choice in most Mount Marty College academic programs. Students considering purchasing a Apple computer should carefully examine the requirements and recommendations of their academic program.

    Hardware Requirements
  • Computer Science Majors (Windows PC maybe required)
  • Graphic Arts Majors (Apple Mac book maybe required)

    The following Software applications may need to be purchased by the student.
  • QuickBooks Pro Desktop
  • Intuit TurboTax
  • IBM SPSS Statistics
  • Adobe Creative Suite


  • Sioux Falls Location
    • (No computer labs at this location students are required to have a computer)

  • Yankton Location
    • Whitby Men's Residence Hall (4 Workstations 24x7)
    • Corby Women's Residence Hall (4 Workstations 24x7)
    • Scholastica Learning Center Library SLRC-101 (8 Workstations see posted schedule for availability)
    • Avera Science and Nursing Complex LIBR-103 (4 Workstations see posted schedule for availability

  • Watertown Location
    • WRAI-139 (5 Workstations are provided in computer labs see posted schedule for availability)

Revision B 01/13/2015