Laptop FAQ

Mount Marty College

 Student Laptop FAQ’s


1.      Who is eligible for the Mount Marty College Student Laptop Program?


Mount Marty College will provide Yankton campus first time/full-time incoming freshman and currently enrolled full-time undergraduate students with a laptop computer. Part time students, graduate students and students at the Watertown and Sioux Falls location are not eligible for this program.


All students eligible for the program must also be registered for at least 12 credit hours for the fall 2013 semester prior to any laptop being ordered for them.


2.      What laptop options do I have to choose from?


For those eligible students as part of your tuition and program support fees the college will provide a windows laptop. For the fall of 2013 that will be the Lenovo Thinkpad Twist Multi Touch Ultrabook. Eligible students will also have the option to pay a one-time upgrade fee to upgrade to a 13in. Apple MacBook laptop. As a student once you make your selection you will be unable to change the option as the laptop is being ordered specifically for you.


3.      What fees are there with the laptop program?


Upgrade Fee: For the fall of 2013 those students who choose an Apple MacBook option will be required to pay a one-time upgrade charge of $400. This fee will be required prior to the laptop being ordered for the student.


4.      What happens to the laptop should I choose to leave Mount Marty College?


Assessed Charge for departing Mount Marty College Early: Any student who does not maintain full time status until census date of their third semester (fall and spring semesters only) will be required to either turn in the laptop in good working order or a fee will be charged to the students account for the purchase price of the new windows laptop.


5.      When do I need to make a selection by?


If the student has not made a selection of a laptop, paid the upgrade fee if selecting a MacBook, or has not registered full time by July 1st Mount Marty College can’t guarantee the laptop will be available by the start of fall classes. Every effort will be made to provide the student a laptop as quickly as possible in those cases.


6.      What software will be provided with this laptop?


Mount Marty College will provide both Microsoft Office and Anti-Virus software as part of the laptop program.


7.      What kind of warranty does the laptop come with?


The new laptops will come with a standard one year parts and labor warranty to protect against defective parts from the manufacturer. The college will not be responsible for repairs caused by accidental damage to the laptops.