Outlook Business Card

By adding your Electronic Business Card to your e-mail signature, you can include your contact information in each message that you send. Recipients can right-click the card in the signature (or right-click the .vcf file attachment) to save it directly to their contacts list. This gives your email a more professional look and informs your recipients that the email is legitimate. The Mount Marty ITSS team would like all staff to use their Electronic Business Cards as email signatures especially for off campus communications. A small .NET application was developed to generate the Electronic Business Card’s.

First things first just double click on the attached .vcf file that pertains to you. The outlook contacts folder will open and you will be entered as a contact. Now Save & Close the contacts form and follow the steps below.

To set up an email signature in Outlook with your new Electronic Business Card

Select Tools | Options... from the menu in Outlook.
Go to the Mail Format tab.
Click Signatures... under Signatures.
Click New....
Give the new signature a name. I used my first name and last name.
Click OK .
Now you will want to insert your business card
on the Edit Signature area of the form click on the button
To do this click on the Business Card button in the Edit signature area of the form.
Select your name from the list of contacts
Click Ok
Click Ok
Click Ok
Now your Business Card will be your email signature

Since you can have multiple signature cards for when you’re at work or for other purposes the default signature is not saved
When you restart or log off your computer. Therefore you will have to select your signature card by going to In a new message, on the Message tab, in the Include group, click Signature, and then click Signatures. Select your Mount Marty signature card