Current Course Offerings

For a complete list of course offerings see the Degree Plans found in current and previous catalog's.

CHM-101 | Introductory Chemistry I | 4 credits
A survey of chemistry in this course includes fundamental concepts, structure of matter, the elements, periodicity, compounds, states of matter and descriptive inorganic chemistry. Lecture and laboratory.

CHM-102 | Introductory Chemistry II | 4 credits
This course provides a condensed presentation of the principles of organic chemistry and biochemistry. Topics in organic chemistry include: saturated, unsaturated and aromatic hydrocarbons; alcohols; acids; amines; stereoisomers and polymers. Biochemistry topic include: carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, enzymes and the pathways leading to the biosynthesis and intermediary metabolism of the carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. Lecture and laboratory.
Prerequisite: Take CHM-101 or CHM-111

CHM-111 | General Chemistry I | 4 credits
Students in this course will examine the physical and chemical properties of the elements and compounds and the reason they react. Topics include: fundamental concepts; structure of the atom and quantum theory; periodicity; ions and molecules; chemical bonding; the gaseous, liquid and solid states; thermochemistry. Lecture and laboratory.

CHM-112 | General Chemistry II | 4 credits
A continuation of General Chemistry I. This course covers different facets of chemistry such as solution chemistry, solubility of precipitates, chemical equilibria, acid-base and buffer systems, Redox reactions and electrochemistry, thermodynamics and reaction kinetics, nuclear chemistry, and the chemistry of different groups of elements. Lecture and laboratory.
Prerequisite: Take CHM-111

CHM-231 | Organic Chemistry I | 4 credits
Organic Chemistry is that study of the most common types of carbon compounds, their properties, preparation, reactions and interrelationships. Laboratory work provides experience with contemporary techniques and includes techniques of physical analysis and synthesis of typical organic compounds. Lecture and laboratory.
Prerequisite: Take CHM-112

CHM-232 | Organic Chemistry II | 4 credits
Organic Chemistry II is a continuation of Organic Chemistry I. The lecture provides the theoretical basis for a wide range of organic syntheses including synthesis of alcohols, ethers, aromatics and carbonyl containing compounds. The laboratory provides hands-on experience in organic synthesis and qualitative organic analysis. Lecture and laboratory.
Prerequisite: Take CHM-231

CHM-290 | Introduction to Research | 1 credit
This first course of a three-course sequence (290/390/490) is designed to prepare students for independent research and to support students for successful undergraduate research. The general goal of the course is to acquaint students with an introduction to scientific research and point them to the opportunities available.
Prerequisite: Take CHM-112

CHM-298 | Early Research Experience | 1 credit
This one-credit elective course, aiming to provide a platform for students who do not meet the prerequisite of CHM/BIO 498 (i.e. a more advanced independent research course) to engage in early research experience. This course requires an investigation of a hypothesis based topic. The research work is selected and carried out under the direction of the instructor. It involves a literature review of the area of endeavor, establishment of hypothesis, experiment design to test the hypothesis, data collection and result analysis. A research summary is required at the product of the research experience.

CHM-341 | Analytical Chemistry | 4 credits
The objective of this course is to provide background chemical principles that are important to analytical chemistry such as aqueous-solution chemistry, four chemical equilibria:acid/base equilibrium, complexation equilibrium, precipitation equilibrium and redex equilibrium, theory and application of gravimetric, titrimetric, spectrophotometric methods and chromatography of chemical analysis and statistical evaluation of analytical data. Lecture and laboratory.
Prerequisite: Take MTH 219 and CHM 112

CHM-342 | Instrumental Analysis | 3 credits
Principles of operation and application of instrumental methods of chemical analysis involving spectrophotometry, spectroscopy, electrochemistry and chromatography are studied in this course. Lecture and laboratory.
Prerequisite: Take CHM-341

CHM-353 | Physical Chemistry I | 4 credits
Physical Chemistry examines in greater detail the theoretical foundations of chemistry. Topics covered include: properties of gases, quantum theory, thermodynamics, free energy and chemical equilibria and solution chemistry. Lecture and laboratory.
Prerequisite: Take MTH-209 and CHM-112

CHM-354 | Physical Chemistry II | 4 credits
This course is a continuation of Physical Chemistry I. Topics covered includes: kinetics, enzyme kinetics, electrochemistry, macromolecules and photochemistry. Lecture and laboratory.
Prerequisite: Take CHM-353

CHM-364 | Biochemistry | 4 credits
Topics to be covered in this course include chemical composition, assimilation and metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids, as well as enzyme kinetics. Lecture and laboratory.
Prerequisite: Take BIO-103 and CHM-231

CHM-370 | Inorganic Chemistry | 3 credits
Students in this course will study selected topics of inorganic chemistry including atomic structure, acid base systems, selected groups of elements, group theory and crystal field and ligand field theory as applied to coordination compounds.
Prerequisite: Take CHM-112

CHM-390 | Junior Seminar | 1 credit
This second course of a three-course sequence (290/390/490) is designed to prepare students for independent research, the presentation requirements for most summer research experiences and to support students for successful undergraduate research. The general goal of the course is to acquaint students with scientific literature, identifying key components of a scientific paper and the mechanics of developing and presenting a scientific poster.
Prerequisite: Take CHM-290

CHM-490 | Seminar | 1 credit
This final course in a three-course sequence (290/390/490) is designed to give the student an opportunity to carry out a careful review of the literature on a topic of his or her choice, to write an abstract and paper on that topic and to present the information in an oral report to the natural science faculty and students.
Prerequisite: Take CHM-390 and 4 courses in Chemistry

CHM-498 | Research | 1 to 4 credits
Research investigation (on or off campus) will involve review of relevant scientific literature followed by laboratory work under the guidance of a faculty member. A written report and an oral presentation of the results are required.
Prerequisite: Take 3 Chemistry courses