Current Course Offerings

For a complete list of course offerings see the Degree Plans found in current and previous catalog's.

STH-100 | Theatre Appreciation | 3 credits
A theatre experience for the non-major, this art form comes alive through demonstrations, guest artists, field trips to live theatre performances, along with hands-on activities and lectures.

STH-117 | Theatre Practicum | 0 to 1 credits
This hands-on course helps students prepare for and participate in theatrical production on campus in a variety of areas; acting, assistant directing, stage management, set construction, lighting, sound, props, costumes, box office, marketing, publicity, etc. Credit is based on class attendance, participation by students as members of the production company, and written reflection.

STH-125 | Introduction to Acting | 2 credits
An introductory acting course where students will explore the systematic processes involved in taking a character from page to stage through monologue, scenework, games and improvisation.

STH-130 | Speech Communications | 3 credits
Designed for students to develop proficiency in public speaking situations with emphasis on content, organization and delivery of five major presentations for various purposes and occasions. An analysis component is included as well as a service-learning communication assignment.

STH-150 | Analysis and Design | 3 credits
An investigation into the processes and elements associated with scenic, costume, makeup, sound and lighting theatrical design. Students will collaborate in the creation of design projects using script analysis as a foundation.

STH-201 | Oral Interpretation | 2 credits
A directed experience in the process of selection, analysis and presentation of material including prose, poetry and drama. In addition to solo interpretation, students will participate in group interpretation of readers' theatre.

STH-202 | Creative Dramatics | 1 to 2 credits
Immersion into hands-on participation with the basic creative drama components. Through active experiential exercises, students will develop the skills to successfully facilitate creative dramatics exercises into the classroom, camp or theatre setting.

STH-203 | Costumes and Makeup | 3 credits
Students will work towards achieving proficiency in the principles and skills associated with theatrical costumes and makeup. Focus will be placed on practical application skills including the care and use of materials in each area.

STH-204 | Stagecraft | 3 credits
An "all hands on deck" course where students will build, rig and paint scenery pieces for class and/or production use. Students will become familiar with the organizational, safety, tool and equipment needs associated with technical theatre.

STH-210 | Lighting and Sound Design | 3 credits
Solid coverage of the basic theories and practices associated with lighting and sound operation for staged events. A broad study of instrumentation, equipment, and software, as well as hands-on experiences in the design and execution of lighting and sound plots.

STH-221 | Movement | 2 credits
A rewarding opportunity for students to find new ways of communicating through movement. From stage combat to physical comedy, from performing emotional demanding characters to identifying exciting movement possibilities all around, students will find this experience exhilarating and fun.

STH-223 | Great Directors and Their Films | 3 credits
This course provides a study of the best American and foreign film directors of the 1900's, 20th century and early 21st century will be done through their narrative films, examining their themes, narrative and technical styles, influence on filmmakers and cultural/historical values and trends. This course satisfies the general education literature requirement.

STH-224 | Literature and Film | 3 credits
A study of films made from literature, the course will involve analysis and comparison of both texts and film; their modes of representation, characterization and story-telling, establishing what is lost and also at times what is gained by the filming process. Selections of contemporary and historically important films will be viewed and analyzed, including the study of film as a mirror of national and regional culture, cinematic form and personal style. This course satisfies the general education literature requirement.

STH-260 | Playwriting | 2 credits
Explore the material and the techniques used by playwrights in the creation of theatrical scripts. Students will analyze extant playscripts, craft and stage readings of their own original scripts, and use aesthetic criticism to revise, improve and produce their work.

STH-319 | Scenery and Props | 3 credits
Design and build furniture and hand props for the stage using a variety of techniques and materials. This hands-on course includes projects which may or may not be used in an actual production.
Prerequisite: Take STH-204

STH-320 | Interpersonal Skills in Communication | 3 credits
Students will learn the application theory of communication processes in this course, with an emphasis on the execution of basic interpersonal skills found when communicating with individuals. Emphasis will be placed on effective communication for problem-solving.
Prerequisite: Take STH-130

STH-330 | Scenic Painting | 2 credits
Stir the paint, select a brush and try your hand at a variety of techniques of painting for the stage. Color theory, mixing, texture and alternative materials will be discussed and used to provide the basis for in-class work.

STH-349 | History of Film | 3 credits
The first audience watched a motion picture flicker on a screen in 1895, a little over a century ago. In just over one century the movies have developed from a simple recording device to a complex art and business. Today film stands on its own as a distinct means of artistic expression. The purpose of this course is to explore the history of film on both the international and American scenes. Since it is one of the major arts to have evolved within the past century, it can be vividly respected as a significant contribution to our understanding of the culture and history of our daily lives. The course is limited to narrative fiction film and will analyze the film as a mass medium of cultural communication.
Prerequisite: Take ENG-104

STH-355 | Shakespeare's Drama | 3 credits
This course focuses on developing an appreciation of both theatrical and literary aspects of selected Shakespearean tragedies, histories and comedies. This course satisfies the general education literature requirement.
Prerequisite: Take ENG-104

STH-361 | Play Directing | 3 credits
A practical experience in the techniques of play production and stage direction through classroom experiments and one workshop production.
Prerequisite: Take STH-125

STH-366 | Stage Management | 3 credits
Students intrigued by the responsibilities of a stage manager will learn how to create a prompt book, perform CPR and basic first aid procedures, communicate effectively and run a production meeting. In addition, students will develop the skills necessary to effectively function in the business, personnel and administrative areas of the theatre, to include budgeting, marketing and front-of-house operations.

STH-376 | Theatre History and Literature I | 3 credits
Investigate theatre from the Greeks through the Renaissance by examining visual, written and performance traditions. This course satisfies the general education literature requirement.

STH-380 | Theatre History and Literature II | 3 credits
Independent from STH 376, this investigation of theatre will cover the Neo-Classical period through the contemporary theatre scene through examining visual, written and performance traditions. This course satisfies the general education literature requirement.

STH-422 | Drama in the Church | 3 credits
An in-depth study of Christian drama during the Medieval Period. In addition, the course will explore contemporary practices and current opportunities in drama ministry.

STH-426 | Advanced Acting | 3 credits
This course is a continuation of STH-125, Introduction to Acting. Primary focus will be on developing powers of observation as well as the vocal and physical demands placed on an actor. Acting exercises designed by Stanislavsky, Hagen, Chekhov and Spolin will be used as a foundation.
Prerequisite: Take STH-125

STH-485 | Internship | 1 to 16 credits
Practical experience in an off-campus setting to complement classroom instruction. The project undertaken will be established by the student and faculty advisor in cooperation with the off-campus supervisor. An oral or written reflection is required upon the completion of the project. Pass/Fail grades only. Academic credit requires the approval of department faculty and/or advisor.

STH-490 | Theatre in the Community | 2 credits
A hands-on upper level course where students will implement a theatre project in the local community. In this class, students will design and execute a project for a specific audience of their particular interest or availability (possibly including, but not limited to, educational theatre, interactive theatre, original theatrical productions, or religious pageantry). Pass/unsatisfactory grades only.
Prerequisite: Take STH-361