Current Course Offerings

For a complete list of course offerings see the Degree Plans found in current and previous catalog's.

GRA-100 | Electronic Media Studio | 4 credits
This course will introduce software and technology skills fundamental to Digital Art and Graphic Design. It will also provide students with an introduction to the methods, modes of thought, and products common to professional work as a graphic designer. The course will involve extensive use of the computer, an understanding of design process, and the crafting of typical designed products. Technology skills will be integrated with visual communication tasks in order to provide realistic applications of the learned skills. Software will include Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. Innovation, creativity, and critical thinking are expected.

GRA-103 | Design and Aesthetic Foundations | 3 credits
Foundations in Design and Aesthetics is a basic course intended to introduce the fundamentals of art and design. The course will introduce basic principles that are useful in many different kinds of design. The course content will be useful to those interested in a variety of areas that require visual skills.

GRA-104 | Digital Foundations in Art and Design | 3 credits
Digital Foundations is an introductory course in digital technology and aesthetic theory. The course is designed to meet the needs of the individual in an increasingly visual and technology-intensive world. The course will provide an introduction to compositional strategies, color, visual communication, systems thinking, and digital technology.

GRA-200 | Typographic Design | 3 credits
In this course students will explore the art and discipline of typography and learn to harness the expressive potential of text. Typography is the art of relating typographic form to visual message. Whether we use text on a printed page, a package, a web page, or an animation, typography is a fundamental design skill. In this course, students will apply the elements and principles of design to textual form and explore layout strategies for both large and small text.
Prerequisite: GRA-100

GRA-201 | Digital Photography | 3 credits
In this course students will acquire skill in digital photography and imaging, photographic composition, operation of a digital SLR camera and photo manipulation. We will learn to produce images that convey meaningful concepts, manage motion, and control the effects of lighting. Students will use photo manipulation software to prepare images for personal and professional uses, including: presentations, publishing, greeting cards, and web sites.

GRA-210 | Practicum | 1 to 6 credits
This course requires students to be involved in the design studio on campus. Pass or unsatisfactory grades only.
Prerequisite: GRA-100

GRA-250 | Graphics | 3 credits
Students in Graphics will acquire strategies and modes of thought that enable the designer to integrate text and image. We will explore ways in which image or symbols can communicate visually and also ways that text and image can be interchangeable. The course will address concept development, visual communication, and target audience as well as continuing to develop formal reasoning and technical skills. Students will learn to do visual research, study major designers of the past and present, and discover how to use design styles to communicate a concept. At the conclusion of this class, students submit a portfolio for admission to upper level coursework in graphic design.
Prerequisite: Take GRA-100 and GRA-200

GRA-251 | Illustration | 3 credits
This course provides an advanced understanding of illustration as visual communication. Students will develop digital drawings from the hand to the screen, become acquainted with the impact of color, and prepare illustrations for realistic design purposes and contexts.
Prerequisite: GRA-100

GRA-300 | Video | 3 credits
In this introductory course in video and postproduction students will learn the basic principles of visual communication within the context of a moving medium. We will create a storyboard, shoot video, and integrate graphics with moving images. Students will learn to shoot, upload, digitize, edit, and export video.
Prerequisite: Take GRA-201 and GRA-351

GRA-301 | Graphic Design and Media History | 3 credits
This lecture style course will explore the cultural, social, political, stylistic, ethical, and technological forces that influence design. Students will study the historical context and contemporary issues facing graphic designers, their clients, and their audience. Prerequisite: Art Appreciation recommended

GRA-302 | Web Based Graphics | 3 credits
Web-based Graphics will address the design aspects of web site development. The course deals with the multiple ways in which the user, and potential client, reacts to the screen-based world. We will learn to see a web site in terms of the aesthetic, psychological, navigational, and multi-sensory experience it produces. The object is to develop effective screen-based visual communications and learn how designers can enhance audience experience with interactive media. Students will develop skill in the use Dreamweaver and a functional understanding of HTML code, Styles and Scripts.
Prerequisite: Take GRA-100

GRA-303 | 3-D Modeling | 3 credits
Students in 3D Modeling learn to use three dimensional animation software (Maya) to create screen-based images from a three dimensional perspective, images that can be viewed from all sides, top, and bottom.
Prerequisite: GRA-351

GRA-320 | Corporate Identity and Branding | 3 credits
In this course students will learn to use form and metaphor as visual communication. An Identity provides a simple recognizable way to represent an organization, a business or a concept. We will learn to create trademarks and symbols that are visually appealing, original, and which communicate a meaningful message. Students will then apply these Identities to products such as business stationary, envelopes, packages, web sites, signs, and other appropriate media.
Prerequisite: GRA-100

GRA-351 | Motion and Sound | 3 credits
Motion and Sound is a course in which students learn to create text and images that move, also known as motion graphics and kinetic text. The course deals with the principles and aesthetic properties of motion and the impact of sound on visual message. These animations have applications in web design, video, greeting cards, and television.
Prerequisite: GRA-100

GRA-353 | 3-D Animation | 3 credits
Three-Dimensional Animation is a continuation of 3D Modeling in which students learn to apply motion to three-dimensional images, prepare storyboards, scripts, and create short story lines.
Prerequisite: Take GRA-303

GRA-390 | Advanced Graphics | 3 credits
In a studio-like setting, students in Advanced Graphics will acquire strategies and modes of thought that enable the designer to integrate text and image in both traditional and screen-based media. We will explore ways in which image or symbols can communicate visually and also ways that text and image can be interchangeable. The course will address concept development, visual communication, and target audience as well as continuing to develop formal reasoning and technical skills. Students will learn to do visual research, use design styles to communicate a concept, and translate design concepts from print to screen-based media or vice versa. Students will produce at least one design system that creates a client identity and concept and then applies that identity and concept across a variety of design media.

GRA-400 | Senior Studio | 3 credits
Senior studio is a class intended to assist the individual in transitioning to the professional environment or graduate study. Students will work closely with the instructor and/or classmates to address individual design needs, showcase talents and round out design capabilities.

GRA-451 | Advanced Web Design and Graphics | 3 credits
This course will address the design of web sites at an advanced level. The class will apply a variety of technologies to the construction of user conscious web site designs. Students will gain advanced skills in Dreamweaver as well as acquire the ability to work on and off the server using Wordpress, basic PHP, and upload software. Students will learn to format screen-based media for mobile devices and incorporate motion graphics in interactive media. Each student will acquire a domain name with a server space and create an online portfolio.
Prerequisite: GRA-302

GRA-485 | Internship | 1 to 6 credits
Under the supervision of the instructor, students will spend a period of time working in a professional environment. The specific internship experience must be approved in advance. Each student will consult with the instructor periodically during the internship and submit a report on his or her experience at the conclusion of the course. Supervising employers must agree to complete an evaluation questionnaire assessing the student's performance and achievements. Pass or unsatisfactory grading only.