Current Course Offerings

For a complete list of course offerings see the Degree Plans found in current and previous catalog's.

HSV-100 | Intro to the Human Service Profession | 1 credit
The purpose of this one-credit course it to provide students interested in the psychology and human service fields of study with information on career options in the human service profession, help them identify their own skills and strengths and introduce them to establishing their own philosophy of helping others.

HSV-310 | Service Learning | 1 to 5 credits
The student does volunteer service under supervision in a learning environment related to the helping professions. Pass or unsatisfactory grading only.
Prerequisite: Take HSV-100; Take 1 from PSY-101, SOC-100

HSV-485 | Internship | 1 to 12 credits
The student works under supervision in an off-campus placement. Goals and requirements are determined in consultation with faculty and internship supervisor. An internship project or applied research is required. Pass or unsatisfactory grades only. Prerequisites: PSY 310 and consent of the instructor.
Prerequisite: Take HSV-310

HSV-490 | Senior Seminar | 3 credits
This is a capstone course for the human service major. Students will synthesize material from their course of study and integrate it into a final senior research project. Students will also develop leadership skills, job readiness skills and explore graduate school options.
Prerequisite: Take PSY-101, PSY-276