Center for Academic Excellence

The mission of the Center for Academic Excellence is assists the college in maintaining standards of academic excellence and contribute to student retention by assisting students in their regular coursework, helping them develop skills necessary to effectively perform in the classroom.

Further support students in their career explorations and plan for extended education in graduate schools, medical schools and law schools and support faculty and staff in their classroom teaching and other instructional activities.

Peer Tutoring Program
Peers are available in all subjects to help you make sense of lectures, assignments, and prepare for tests. Surprisingly, it all makes more sense coming from a peer.

For an appointment or further information contact the CAE at (605)668-1598.

Peer Led Workshops
Each semester The Center sponsors the College Knowledge Series to help student learn to study smarter, not harder. The series is a program designed to ignite academic achievement during the first few weeks of the semester. Mini workshops provide refresher courses on time management, organization, study skills, note taking and test preparation. All MMC students are invited to attend these 30 minute super sessions at no cost. We especially invite our first year students since the skills addressed will benefit them throughout their college experience and beyond. Each session is offered twice a week to maximize student's opportunity to attend. Make plans to join us.
Fall Super Session Topics and Dates
Organization: September 3rd 3:00pm
September 6th 12:00pm
Study Strategies: September 10th 3:00pm
September 13th 12:00pm
Time Management: September 17th 3:00pm
September 20th 12:00pm
Note Taking: September 24th 3:00pm
September 27th 12:00pm
Test Preparation: October 1st 3:00pm
October 4th 12:00pm
Placement Testing and CLEP
Whether you are a new student or returning to MMC, The Center has assessments to help you understand your abilities and even earn college credit for what you already know.

The College-Level Examination ProgramĀ® (CLEP) offers students the opportunity to receive college credit for what they already know, for a fraction of the cost of a college course. Developed by the College Board, CLEP is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program, available at more than 2,900 colleges and universities. Pass any of the 33 CLEP exams and achieve your college and career goals. For an appointment or further information contact the CAE at (605)668-1598.

Supplemental Instruction
New this year, the Center will be offering Supplemental Instruction(SI) for students enrolled in BIO 103 Principles of Biology. SI sessions will help you integrate how-to-learn with what-to-learn and develop new strategies to be successful in the course. Students who attend at least five SI sessions per semester earn exam grades that are one half to a full letter grade higher than students who attend less frequently or not at all. Watch for more information on weekly sessions.

For an appointment or further information contact the CAE at (605)668-1598.

Graduate School and Professional Preparation
If you are thinking of taking a graduate level entrance exam or exploring your options we can help with application materials, GRE/MCAT/LSAT test preparation, and review sessions.

For an appointment or further information contact the CAE at (605)668-1598.

Writing Lab
The Center offers help with all phases of the writing process from brainstorming and organization to questions of grammar and usage. We don't just proofread. We help you understand the writing process and grow in your writing talents.

For an appointment or further information contact the CAE at (605)668-1598.

Individualized Academic Support
First Year Experience
As a new student you will encounter several "firsts" over the course of the first year. MMC has a unique advising approach to help you navigate new responsibilities and transition to college. A group of dedicated faculty, known as the Freshman Advising Team, takes a holistic approach to enhance success for a contemporary world of work, service to the human community, and personal growth. We act as an encouraging contact person to help you focus on strengths and positive aspects of your first year in college.

Structured Academic Support
The average college student faces many challenging adjustments. In college, students are expected to be self-motivated, able to self-assess their strategies for learning, identify problems and then make changes to ineffective learning strategies. However, it is difficult for many college students to even identify that there may be a problem with learning strategies much less self-diagnose and change those strategies. How many times have you gone to take a test and thought you really knew the material and then were surprised when you failed the exam?Ā  Did you change the way you studied or did you just study more? The Center offers individual appointments, peer tutoring and workshops to help students address how to study, how they learn, motivation behind their work, time management and organization.

For an appointment or further information contact the CAE at (605)668-1598.

Partnership for Academic Student Success (PASS)
The PASS program is designed as an interactive study time offering students access to the professional academic support, academic tutors, and the Career Center. There will also be a learning component that will introduce concepts of self-regulated learning, study strategies, and motivation.