Business Administration

Mount Marty College excels in preparing students for the business world. Students gain an understanding of business through a pre-professional education essential to work and the diverse range of experiences encountered while working in the contemporary business world. Our instructors provide students with valuable insights into economics, accounting practices, and information technology based on their experience with today's business and market trends.

Access to up-to-date library and computer technology enables students to conduct research using resources from all over the world. Business majors learn to challenge assumptions and investigate issues beneath the surface. Motivation to improve the business world, combined with a quality education, can lead to a career that will be deeply rewarding on many levels.

Given the small size of classes, professors teach all classes, know their students, and commit to helping their students grow personally and professionally. One of the greatest benefits at MMC is the individualized attention and the opportunity to work closely with faculty members both in and out of the classroom.

Computer applications are an integral part of the business major and additional computer coursework is available if students are interested. Business Administration majors are required to participate in an internship experience. Through this experience, you will develop an in-depth knowledge of the field and beyond.

The business program has opportunities for cooperative work with the areas of computer science, information technology, recreation management, and environmental science. These programs will add to the student's marketability. Accountants, bankers, and lawyers from area businesses assist faculty with teaching. Therefore, students receive insights from professionals actually working as business experts in the field.

Mount Marty College offers both a bachelor's and an associate's degree in Business Administration.