Chemistry is the science of the composition, structure, properties, and reactions of matter, especially of atomic and molecular systems. The entire visible world is made of compounds.  Industries, human activities, and natural processes are based on chemistry.

The chemistry program at Mount Marty College provides a solid education in chemistry for those students whose professions will require a strong background in chemistry. The double major of Chemistry & Biology is designed for students with the goal of going on to medical, dental, or other professional health professions. The program in chemistry assists students in attaining a broad education in science as preparation for choosing among a wide variety of careers. The department also assists students in choosing a suitable career by providing individual counseling.

The Chemistry program has a very strong emphasis on laboratories which provide students with hands-on experience using the scientific method and numerous laboratory techniques and instrumentation. In the lab students may analyze the atomic structure of materials, model chemical reactions using computer simulations, synthesize chemical compounds, or analyze compounds using computer controlled equipment.

Besides coursework, there are opportunities to experience independent research projects both on and off campus. All our majors spend time in a research project at Mount Marty or at an off-campus site. The program offers experiences in university research laboratories, and research by the student may lead to participation and presentations at regional and national scientific organizations such as South Dakota Academy of Science or Sioux Valley section of the American Chemical Society. The experience may also lead to publishing of work in either Scholastica, a college undergraduate research publication or in a regional publication such as the Proceedings of the South Dakota Academy of Science.

One of the greatest benefits of the chemistry program at Mount Marty College is the individualized attention to the students and opportunity to work closely with faculty members both in and out of the classroom. While pursuing a degree in chemistry, students develop an in-depth knowledge not only of science but also establish professional relationships that may last throughout their careers.

To teach Chemistry or Biology in secondary schools, students must complete requirements for teacher certification.