Elementary Education

Mount Marty College offers a teacher education program that fosters growth among our students in order to produce competent, confident teachers. It is the mission of the Mount Marty College Education Department to graduate quality, committed teachers.

Mount Marty College prepares students to become teachers who realize the impact they can have on the world. Our small classes afford a better understanding of our students' potential as teachers. Because so much of a teacher's success is based on the teacher's basic personality, we believe that by knowing our students, we can better help them grow in character and teaching ability.

At Mount Marty College, we believe it is important to combine theory and practice to ensure confident and competent teachers. MMC students have the opportunity to work in area schools from their freshman orientation class, to field experience, practicum and into student teaching. This unique curriculum facilitates graduates to become proficient, quality teachers.

Mount Marty College offers a full semester of student teaching. This length of experience helps our graduates confidently pursue a job and competently fill their positions. Given the small size of classes, professors teach all classes, know their students, and commit to helping their students to grow personally and professionally.

Hallmark features of the Teacher Education Program include:
  • Small classes with faculty who know and understand students’ potential as teachers and who provide assistance in helping students grow in character and ability.
  • Sequential field experiences in K-12 classrooms throughout the program that culminate in a student teaching experience occurring in the fall semester with the start of the K-12 school year and that is closely supervised by teacher education faculty.
  • A program centered on a mission and goals that help students grow personally and professionally.
  • Rigorous transition checkpoints for admission to the program, admission to the student teaching, and exit from the program that assure that prospective teachers attain "highly qualified teacher" status upon entering the profession. 
More detailed information about the following Education Majors can be found in the teacher education department handbook, Guidelines for Students Preparing to Teach.
  • Elementary Education (K-8)
  • Special Education (K-12)
  • Secondary Education (7-12)
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • English
    • History
    • Math
    • Physical Education (K-12)
    • Music Education (K-12)

Students are also advised to complete additional endorsements and authorizations for marketability in order to teach additional subjects.