Graphic Design + Media Arts

At this time, Mount Marty College is not recruiting or accepting freshman students into the Graphic Design + Media Arts program. Currently only students already enrolled in the program, and any acceptable transfer students, are being allowed to complete this degree.

Students in the Graphic Design and Media Arts Program at Mount Marty College develop design and artistic skills in a friendly studio based environment. The program is based on a solid creative foundation in the Liberal Arts and tailored to meet the best recommendations of working professionals.

The studio courses in Graphic Design and Media Arts at are a hands-on style classes. Students learn and work in collaboration with each other and under the supervision of the instructor. Depending on individual interests and talents, students may focus on Print media, Web Design, Marketing, Video, Publishing, or Motion Graphics and Animation.

Communication in our society is increasingly visual. We prefer visual information because it can be absorbed quickly, and visual communication is a major focus in the Graphic Design and Media Arts Program at Mount Marty College. Graduates who have good design and visual communications skills are in demand.