Interdisciplinary Studies

The Bachelor/Associate of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program meets the needs of students who wish to design their own area of study. Students interested in Interdisciplinary Studies should meet with an advisor for initial planning. Each student designs a program and prepares a proposal related to the student’s career choice.

The following guidelines apply to the Interdisciplinary Studies program.
  1. The major must consist of 48 hours*
    Option 1: 16 hours* from 3 disciplines or
    Option 2: 24 hours* from 2 disciplines (12 hours for associate degree)
    Option 3: 24 hours from 1 discipline and 12 hours from two additional disciplines*
  2. Student must obtain the approval/signature from discipline experts.
  3. Student must earn a minimum of 24 hours* in residence after the plan is approved.
  4. An optional Allied Health emphasis is available for those who qualify. This emphasis requires an associate degree or previous coursework in a medical/health related specialty (minimum of 50 hours).
* hours are reduced by half for associate degree