Service Science Leadership Minor

The mission of the new Mount Marty College Leadership
Program is to give students the knowledge, skills, and attitudes
necessary to be effective leaders in their career of choice.

Mount Marty College in collaboration with IBM, offers a Service Science Leadership Minor. MMC joins more than 450 universities in 50 countries on six continents who have adapted and implemented some aspects of IBM's leadership program. While other's curriculums are offered as part of a master's degree, MMC's variation will be one of the first to be offered at the undergraduate level.

This Leadership Program is an interdisciplinary minor for MMC's top students*. Individual courses will also be available to area management professionals. The principles and theories presented will be applied
to the workplace through case studies and community outreach activities. The Leadership Program will add professional preparedness and marketability to the degree of each student who chooses to include this minor as a component of his/her degree plan.

* 24+ ACT and portfolio submission of your quality work as a high school student

IBM LogoAccording to Wendy Murphy, Manager in IBM's University Relations, "Mount Marty's adaptation of the concepts in our guide on service science is a terrific way to get students exposed to multi-disciplinary skills."