With the great strides being made in technology, the role of the mathematician is essential in society, industry, and education. More and more of the solutions of problems, ranging from environmental policy decisions to multi-million dollar investment allocations, depend on quantitative reasoning and complex mathematical modeling.

Mathematics plays important roles in our culture. While mathematics is a study in its own right, it is also an indispensable tool for expressing and understanding ideas in science, engineering, and other fields.

A degree in mathematics will provide students with the skills needed to solve important, challenging, real world problems in a broad range of positions in business, industry, government, and education.

While pursuing a degree in mathematics, students will develop an in-depth knowledge of their field and become competent in the use of current technologies. Part of the degree requirements for graduates with a major in mathematics is participation in a research experience. Students in mathematics receive from department faculty the personal and individual attention necessary for a successful learning experience.

The Mount Marty College Mathematics Department is a place for both doing and learning mathematics. Our goal is to make mathematics interesting while maintaining content rigor.

The program in mathematics is designed to enable students to acquire the basic knowledge and skills in mathematics, information technology, and physics. The courses will provide the mathematical foundations and analytical skills needed in the real world of work.

Small classes and individual attention ensures student success. Faculty incorporate hands-on learning in classes to make learning interesting.