Address Change

Clinical Internship Request
If a student is leaving for Clinical Internship then they need to fill this out before they leave.

Diploma Reorder

FERPA Disclosure
If a student would like to grant individuals permission to access their educational and financial records, this form must be filed with the Registrar.

FERPA Non-Disclosure
If you would prefer that directory information, as defined in Mount Marty's FERPA policy, not be released to the public, complete and return this form within the first seven days of classes.

FERPA Release of Information

Grade Report Request
If you wish to have your parents or a third party receive a copy of your semester grades, please print and fill out this form and return to the Registrar's Office.

Graduation Application
The deadline for this form for December graduates is May 1st and for May/August graduates is October 1st.

Independent Study

Internship Request

Name Change
Legal documentation, such as a driver's license, or social security card is required - along with this form - to make a name change.

Overload Request

Pass/Fail Request
Once each academic year students may register for a course under the pass-fail option. Students have through 60% of the course to decide whether or not they will use this grading option for the course. For more information, see the most recent catalog.

Prerequisite Wavier

Program/Advisor Change
Change, add or remove a major, minor or advisor with this form.

Registration Form

Substitution/Waiver of Course Requirement
Please note that you must include a description of the course, syllabi or any documentation that would support the request for waiver/substitution.

Transfer Course Approval
Students are required to use this form to secure approval of any course to be taken at another institution that they wish to be applied toward their MMC degree requirements.

Transcript Request
Request transcripts to be sent to another institution or individual.

Withdraw/Leave of Absence Form
Students must complete this form to formally withdraw from Mount Marty College.

Zero Credit Registration