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Faculty and students at Mount Marty College are active in research and creative activities. Browse the research and activities happening now at Mount Marty College.

Faculty Research

Candice Climer, Instructor of Teacher Education
"Behavioral Interventions to Improve the Performance of Collegiate Athletes."
Vicki Geiser, Assistant Professor of Biology

Dr. Geiser's research lab has three major projects:

Biocompatibility of Tissue Scaffolding
We are investigating the biocompatibility of materials used in scaffolding for growing tissues. Our project investigates how varying the composition of the scaffolding material impacts cell signaling that leads to alterations of tissue growth and differentiation. Funding and collaboration provided by: BioSNTR - South Dakota Research and Innovation Center & a National Science Foundation (NSF) EPSCoR grant.

EBV Induced Cancer
We are investigating how Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) which causes "mono" can cause cancer in certain patients. Our projects investigates how the viral gene Latent Membrane Protein 1 (LMP1) alters cells to a cancerous state. Funding and collaborations provided by: South Dakota Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network & a National of Health (NIH) IDeA grant.

Bioinformatics & Genome Annotation
We conduct bioinformatics analysis to annotate the "MMC Bacteria" S. coccoides genome in order to update and validate the public databases that scientists utilize for their research. Our microbe is of special interest since it bioconverts cellulose-containing wastes to fuel such as ethanol and it may harbor enzymes with potential biotechnological applications. Funding and collaborations provided by: Microbial Genome Annotation Network (MGAN), Genomics Education National Initiative (GENI), & a NSF grant

Research Opportunites
Undergraduate students are encouraged to learn more about basic research opportunities available through BioSNTR at http://sdepscor.org, biomedical research opportunities available through SD BRIN program at http://orgs.usd.edu/brin/undergrad.html, bioinformatics research opportunities available through MGAN at http://www.mgan-network.org, and by contacting Dr. Geiser at [email protected] or 605-668-1606.

Chun Wu, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Publications & Conference Papers
"Investigation of potential drug targets for Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections" - The goal of this project is to develop novel antibacterial agents for methicillin/multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) that are less prone to bacterial resistance. The hypothesis is that a class of central metabolic enzymes such as MRSA acetate kinase(ACK), MRSA fructose bisphosphate aldolase (FBPA), MRSA phosphotransacetylase (PTA), Mannitol-1-phosphate 5-dehydrogenase (M1P5D) and MRSA HPr kinase/phosphorylase(HprK/P), which are in silico essential to bacterial growth and absent in humans, are promising drug targets

"Investigation of the cellular and molecular mechanism of the pharmacological action of Bai-Lian-San-Jie-Tang (BLSJT) on endometriosis" - The goal of the second project is to investigate how BLSJT treat endometriosis at the cellular and molecular level. Once the mechanism is elucidated and effective fraction(s) is /are refined, the project becomes more promising in that it sheds light on a new class of drugs treating endometriosis, following the footprint of arteannuinm, an alternative of Quinine in malaria treatment.

Creative Works

Mark Adderley, Associate Professor of English
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McKracken Chronicles Poster
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Jim Reese, Associate Professor of English
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