Office of Admissions

Talent Scholarships

Students who are interested in participating in the fine arts areas of art, band, choir, and/or theatre have the opportunity to interview and/or audition for a Talent Scholarship. Scholarship amounts are based on talent, level of involvement, and/or intention to declare status as a major or minor in the discipline. Non-majors/minors are encouraged to apply.

Scholarship Area  
Art $500 -$1000
Band $500 -$1000
Choir $500 -$1000
Theatre $500 -$1000

Requirements to Complete for Talent Scholarships:
Participants must be admitted to Mount Marty College. This requires the submission of an application for admission, an official high school transcript and an official ACT/SAT transcript. ACT/SAT scores reported directly on an official high school transcript will be accepted.
Participants must submit the appropriate fine art questionnaire (art, music, theatre), resume (band, choir, theatre), or portfolio (art) of their work, along with one letter of recommendation by a teacher/coach. Questionnaires, resumes and letter of recommendation by a teacher/coach are to be sent in prior to the campus visit for the audition/interview if at all possible. Portfolios for art and technical theatre may be brought with the student the day of the interview.
Participants must complete an on-campus audition (band, choir, theatre) or interview (art).

Please see our Talent Scholarship Guidelines for further guidance on what to submit in advance and what to prepare for your interview/audition.

Art Questionnaire
Music Questionnaire
Theatre Questionnaire

For more information about Talent Scholarships or to schedule an audition and/or interview, please contact your Enrollment Counselor.