Office of Admissions

Student Testimonials


"I have learned more than I thought possible through classes, professors, and friends at Mount Marty. I'm getting an outstanding education and love being an education major."
~ Sarah Crosgrove - Senior, Elementary Ed/Special Ed

Personal Growth

"I think Mount Marty is a great place to grow and find out who you really are. It's just a great atmosphere to be a part of. I've met friends that I know I'll have for my lifetime."
~ Weston Swanson - Senior, Education


"I truly feel like Mount Marty is my second home. I have many people I can go to in time of need and am confident Mount Marty is preparing me for the future."
~ Daniel Filsinger - Senior, Graphic Design + Media Arts and Business

Financial Aid

"Many students here, including myself, have gone through the worries of affording college and Mount Marty's financial aid worked in every way to make my education here possible."
~ Brittany Healy - Sophomore, Nursing

Student Athlete

"I really wasn't aware of Mount Marty until I was recruited for cross country. After visiting the school and talking with the coach, I immediately knew this was the perfect school for me. There is a perfect balance of academics and athletic performance at Mount Marty."
~ Kaylee Fly - Junior, Nursing


"Mount Marty is not just a place where I have met and made many friends, but also a place where I have found peace in life through the Christian beliefs taught here."
~ Kelsey Thury - Sophomore, Secondary Ed/Math

Student Athlete

"At MMC, students are able to play sports, work and get an amazing education. Not many other schools can pride themselves on having a sports team with amazing athletic talent and great GPAs."
~ Caitlyn Roth - Junior, Nursing

Financial Aid

"Being able to afford college was a big issue for me, but the financial aid department here did a really great job of making sure I was getting every penny available to help me out."
~ Nik Davis - Sophomore, Exercise Wellness

MMC Community

"I love the feeling that the instructors and faculty truly care about me and my life and want to see me to succeed. The hospitality at Mount Marty isn't just a core value of the college - it's a way of life."
~ Angela Haun - Sophomore, Radiologic Technology

Yankton Community

"The Yankton community is filled with friendly faces everywhere and a place you can easily get involved in and give back!"
~ Brittany Healy - Sophomore, Nursing

Student Life

"I was very nervous about transferring schools and being a new student again, but after the first couple of days here I felt completely welcomed. Mount Marty is truly a home away from home."
~ Kaylee Fly - Junior, Nursing