Office of Admissions

Student Testimonials

My favorite part of MMC is the close community. I enjoy getting to know classmates, faculty, and staff personally whether it's in the classroom, at club meetings, or at campus activities and events.
I knew MMC was for me the instant I stepped on campus. The spiritual atmosphere drew me in and the connections I've made, along with the opportunities I've had, keep me here.
MMC will set you up for success. The dedicated faculty will make sure you receive valuable hands-on experience and the connections you'll make along the way will transform you into the person you want to be.
Don't give up the sport you love when you leave high school. MMC encourages you to live out your passions and shows you how to be a competitive student athlete both on and off the court.
I like the Catholic Benedictine aspect. MMC is a wonderful place to excel at school, make lifelong friendships, stay fit through athletics, and above all grow closer to God.
The cost of college was a concern. The MMC Financial Aid and Admissions offices worked together and proved to my parents and me the MMC would be the best value of all the schools that I was considering - both public and private.
You can stay involved at MMC. MMC then offers individualized attention and flexibility that makes it possible for me to be a criminal justice student while playing the sport I have.
I enjoy being involved at MMC. Through my time at MMC, I have grown in so many ways. The professors, students, and entire MMC community are a large influence on that growth.
MMC offers the full college experience. The MMC community is extremely supportive of students and allows them to grow through academics and extracurricular activities.
MMC has provided me with many opportunities. I have been able to demonstrate the type of leader I know I can be. The small community atmosphere and numerous possibilities has given me a chance to grow in more ways than one.
I have people looking out for me. I have support from the entire community which enables and encourages me to grow and develop as an individual and a student-athlete.
I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. Mount Marty College has all of the resources you need to live a balanced life of academics, faith, and social activities.
I have grown educationally, socially, and spiritually. I love the feeling at MMC I am not just a number to the faculty. The friends I have and the connections I've made will last a lifetime.
It was challenging to balance being a student-athlete. But through individualized attention from professors and support from my coach and Lancer teammates, I was able to master it.