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Cory Wittrock, C’01 Cory Wittrock Mount Marty College Alumni

Cory Wittrock, MD, FAAEM, FACEP, was looking for a small community environment, and he found this at Mount Marty College. "I found the campus environment to be friendly, welcoming, based on conviction, and a great place to grow and learn," says Wittrock.

Cory graduated in 2001 with degrees in biology and chemistry. Many people had great influence on him while attending MMC, including Sister Madonna and Coach Brink, but Professor James Bowers stood out the most. "I was touched by his passion for education, and the breadth that he taught in subjects of biology. I remember sitting in his anatomy and physiology lectures, and having the ignition of an internal passion to learn everything I could about the workings of the human body," recalls Wittrock.

While at Mount Marty, Cory was chosen as the recipient of the Mother Jerome Schmitt Presidential Scholarship. He notes this as one of his most memorable moments, but for a reason that is different than one would think. Just after being selected for this prestigious award, Wittrock received a rejection letter from the medical school admissions office. "I remember feeling like I had failed to live up to the expectations of the notoriety, but what I learned was a lesson in adversity, how to grow through shortcomings, and become a stronger person because of it." Cory did not give up, successful admission was on the horizon one year form that date.

Dr. Wittrock attended the University Of Iowa College Of Medicine in 2006. After medical school Cory decided to pursue training in emergency medicine as a specialty. He was selected for a residency position at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Cory found another community of education that he could grow in here. After a brief stent in community practice, Wittrock returned to the academic environment longing to return to the educational process. He completed the Georgetown University Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship, and then stayed on as faculty for both the emergency medicine residency and emergency ultrasound fellowship.

Cory helped a lot in his successful career. He believes that MMC was a great jumping off point for his career. "I never felt lost in the shuffle of a larger university. It was a great place to nurse fragile roots, and allowed me to gain the confidence I would need to proceed through the demanding education of medicine," remembers Wittrock.Cory Wittrock Mount Marty College Alumni

Searching for the right college is a process. Dr. Wittrock shares his advice for those high school students beginning the search or considering MMC, "College education is an expensive proposition these days. You have to find an institution that provides value. Value does not just come in the form of the education provided or the name recognition of the institution. Value also comes from the growth the institution can help you attain as a person. MMC excels in the development of the whole person, not just the education of the mind."

Cory and his wife, Erin, live just outside of the D.C. area in Alexandria, VA. He plans to keep excelling in the medical field. He wants to continue to be a leader in the field of emergency medicine. "I've found a niche in the relatively new sub-specialty of emergency ultrasound, and plan to grow our program into a nationally leading program for post-post graduate education training emergency medicine physicians in the use of ultrasound technology to provide better care for their patients."

We wish the Wittrock's nothing but the best!