Past Featured Alumni

Tim Eixenberger, '77
If you ask Tim Eixenberger, a 1977 MMC graduate, what effect Mount Marty College had on his life, his response would be that it's so easy to get distracted or venture down the wrong path in life particularly as a high school graduate. What MMC offered him was a step in the right direction. There was comfort in the size of the school and appropriate teacher to student ratios. Tim states that MMC was a rudder for him and he will always be thankful for the push in the back to move forward and the pat on the back that said "yes you can", as well as the friendships forged from the incredible student body. Also, Tim doesn't forget about those individuals who had such a positive impact on his life path. Sister Rosewitha was his English teacher, who he remembers as "a precious soul and someone he will always love and respect." According to Tim, his biology professor Dr. Jim Rasmussen, "was just too cool to not appreciate." Sister Arthur, his Physiology professor and another favorite, "was fair but demanding. I always had to be prepared going into her class and I learned more in that class than any other."

Tim EixenbergerTim was one of those students who was very active, whether it was social experiences at Charlie's Pizza or other "watering holes", trips to the lake, all night study sessions for Sr. Arthur's classes, college sponsored concerts, or ten southern state basketball road trips for the Lancers during the month of January when coach Rudy's wife passed away. These moments in time and others are what Tim likes to refer to as "a collage of moments that helped to formulate and nurture the person I am today. I will say MMC was a big part of preparing me for adulthood."

It's that balance between Tim's college and personal experience that enabled him to graduate from MMC with a degree in Respiratory Therapy and later worked as Director of Respiratory Services for Avera McKennan Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD for 23 years. Academically he went on to obtain his MBA, RN, and eventually a doctorate in nursing practice (DNP) from Case Western in Cleveland, OH. Tim accepted the Sr. VP and CNO position at Valley Baptist in Harlingen, TX. Later he relocated to St. Petersburg, FL as VP of Patient Care and CNO for 8 years, and now he is at St. Charles Hospital in Bend, OR as their CNO. Tim states, "I think a little intestinal fortitude, desire to make things better for others, and luck have led me to my current role in life. I have continued on with my education which allowed me to continue to evolve and has provided me with continued opportunities." Tim would like to become a large system CNE and be able to work on health policy that changes the focus and incentives of healthcare from costly acute care to prevention and wellness.

"My greatest accomplishment though, is raising two incredibly talented and beautiful children, who are the love of my life." Christopher is an Emergency Medical physician in Bozeman, MT and Melissa is just about to start her nursing career and is in Clearwater, FL.

"I have always loved the outdoors and I'm in the perfect setting with skiing, whitewater rafting, fly fishing, hiking mountain tops, and am blessed with beauty all around me." Tim adds, "when I look at my life, it has been full of great opportunities to improve healthcare facilities with lifesaving services, improve the quality of care and engagement of care givers, and improve patient satisfaction and physician relationships." He continues that, "it's funny looking back, I remember thinking four years at MMC seemed like an eternity at age 19. If I only knew then, how quick that time passes!"