You can showcase your vocal talents at MMC. The choral program is extensive and engaging. From top 40 billboard charts, music sung in the great Cathedrals to the world of jazz, the choral program at MMC offers rewarding experiences.

Mixed Chorus is open to all students who enjoy singing. This ensemble provides an outlet for musical interest and talent. No audition is required. Repertoire ranges from all periods and/or genres of music.

Chamber Choir is a highly select ensemble and tours with Mixed Chorus. Students who wish to sing more music and perform more often find this ensemble a perfect compliment to the already rewarding experiences offered.

Smooth Benediction is a highly select a cappella choir in the collegiate "Pitch Perfect" style, singing primarily top billboard charts, musical theater, and popular oldies. Membership is limited to no more than 18-20 members. This ensemble relies not only on strong musicality, but a good work ethic and exceptionally positive attitude. Our primary goal is to entertain and recruit potential students.