News Release


Renovations Being Made in Dining Hall at Mount Marty College

Published Date1\28\2013
Over the students' Christmas Break the dining hall at Mount Marty College will see a major facelift. The entire front part of the serving line will be reconfigured. The new layout will offer multiple hot and cold wells, a pizza area, an Asian wok cooking area as well as a new griddle.

The main dining room will get an aesthetic makeover with new decor, banquet quality tables and chairs, new paint and decorations along the walls. The dining room will also feature new counter areas for the drink and dessert areas.

Work on the project is being completed by Laurie Bailey, Welfl Construction - with supervision by Kevin Bender, and Premier Restaurants from Minneapolis is completing the serving counter and equipment.

"This remodel is a great cause of excitement at MMC," stated acting Director of Facilities at Mount Marty, Wyatt Yager. "The students won't recognize the space once the transformation is complete. It will streamline our processes and increase the efficiency of serving meals - something that the students will appreciate on a day to day basis."

The projected cost of the dining hall remodel is roughly $325,000.00 and is anticipated to be completed by February 18, 2013. Until the project is completed the students will still be able to dine in the current dining hall with family style buffets as the method of food delivery.

For more information, please contact Kristi Tacke, media relations director at 605-668-1526 or media@mtmc.edu.