News Release


Mount Marty College Takes Aim at Leadership with First Program of its Kind

Published Date12\23\2013
Mount Marty College is pleased to be the first college in the nation to implement an integration of the Fierce leadership concepts into not only the general education, but also into the major curriculum of every program at the College. This curriculum will aid in the development of the next generation of leaders. Students as soon as spring 2014 will begin to see leadership training that is infused into all programs across the campus.

The Fierce Leadership Program is different from many other types of leadership trainings. Many often target only a select group of students, many of whom already exhibit an aptitude for leadership. The Mount Marty College program will expose the leadership training to all students, no matter what skillset.

"We believe that ALL students deserve to discover the tools and learn the skills of leadership that will help them to stand out from the crowd." says Dr. Suzi Kalsow, Vice-President of Academic Affairs at Mount Marty College in Yankton. "We believe that every student, no matter what their field of study and career goals are, can benefit from leadership training. This training will help them stand out from the crowd, empower them to achieve both personal and professional success."

MMC's program is based on the concept of Fierce Conversations, originated by Susan Scott, who has spent the last two decades conducting leadership development seminars for Fortune 500 companies. Scott asks students to recognize that their careers, companies and personal relationships flourish or fail gradually, one conversation at a time. Making each of those conversations "fierce," in the sense of robust, powerful and authentic, insures that they will communicate, and thus lead, more effectively.

As a Catholic, Benedictine college, Mount Marty College has a long and lasting tradition of living Benedictine values, both in and out of the classroom. Reference to every one of the concepts outlined in the 7 principles can be found in The Rule of St. Benedict, which was written fifteen hundred years ago, proving its lasting value to modern society.

"This is an amazing, integrated leadership program that will benefit students of any faith," says Kalsow, "as well as one that allows us to exemplify our values and live our mission as a Catholic, Benedictine college."

For more information on the Fierce leadership program at Mount Marty College, please visit www.mtmc.edu/academics/fierceleadership.