Monastery Connections

Prayer Partners

At the beginning of the fall semester there are sign-ups for prayer partners made available. If you choose to sign up for this you are given the privilege of having a sister from the monastery as your prayer partner. They continue to pray for you over the course of the year so that you can do well. You are also occasionally invited to dine with your prayer partner. All in all, this is a great experience that will undoubtedly help develop your faith.

Busy Person's RetreatPrayer Partner Social

Every year in the fall semester, you will have the opportunity to participate in a week long Busy Person's retreat, staffed by Campus Ministry and Sisters from Sacred Heart Monastery. The retreat goes from Sunday to Thursday and everything fits around your busy schedule. Each day of the retreat, you meet for a half hour each day with a sister or staff member who will give you guidance on how to pray, using the Scriptures. You commit to a half hour of personal prayer each day, and there are optional opening and closing group sessions. It's the perfect prayer experience for BUSY PERSONS!

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