Exemption Period

In unusual circumstances, a student may submit a petition to the Student Affairs Office to be exempted from the On-Campus Residency Requirement for compelling reasons which are detailed and fully documented in a written statement along with the Exemption Petition form. However, it should be recognized that it is uncommon to grant exemptions. Although financial grounds may be considered, the claim that it is less expensive to live off campus is not sufficient unless demonstrated financial need is evidenced in the Financial Assistance Office.

Petition forms are available in the Office for Student Affairs. Students are advised not to sign an off campus lease until they have been cleared by the Office for Student Affairs. To do so is to risk a double housing charge: one by the College and one by the off campus apartment complex.

Students exempt from the on-campus residency requirement policy who change their minds and wish to cancel their previously signed residence contract must notify the Office for Student Affairs in writing of their intention to cancel the contract by completing an "Off Campus Housing Intent Form". Contract breakage fees are listed on the back of the contract will apply.

You may use this form or stop in the Student Affairs Office for further information.