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MMC Watertown Weekly
Important Dates
Apr 25 - May 1 Couse Evaluation System open
May 2 Student Art Show
May 2 Brat Fest (rsvp required)
May 3 Graduation - 11am
Holy Name Parish
May 5 - 8 Finals Week and Book Buy Back

Watertown Office Information
Hours: 8-9:30pm Mon-Th / Fri 8-5pm
Phone: (605) 886-6777
Email: watertown@mtmc.edu

Yankton Office Information
Admissions Office
Phone: (800) 658-4552
Email: mmcadmit@mtmc.edu
Hours: Mon-Fri 8-5pm

Business Office
Phone: (605) 668-1566 or
Email: lisa.freng@mtmc.edu

Marketing Office
Phone: (605) 260-1234
Email: mmc.college.relations@mtmc.edu

Phone: (605) 668-1515
Email: registrar@mtmc.edu

Any questions about articles in
MMC Watertown Weekly Email kdewitt@mtmc.edu

Summer and Fall Registration Continues
The schedule is available here at the front desk or on the college website. Make an appointment now with Cassi or Kris to complete your registration for Fall 2014.

Your gowns for the graduation ceremony have arrived and you will want to hang them up so that you aren't all wrinkled for graduation day. Be sure to stop by and see Carole to pick up your gown as soon as possible.

Freshman and Senior Satisfaction Surveys
If you are a freshman or senior you are being asked to complete satisfaction surveys. Carole has prepared and distributed instructions to faculty to administer these surveys to students in your classes who are classified as either freshman or seniors. Note to Faculty-You will find instructions along with enough copies of the survey in your file next to Carole's desk this week. Please take a few minutes during your class to allow the indicated students to complete these forms and return them to Carole.

Students, it's time to evaluate your courses
Please take a few moments to give us your feedback about the courses you are enrolled in. Your constructive feedback will help instructors identify ways to enhance the learning experience for future students. How to: 1) Go to Lancerlink and log-in. 2) Click on Course Evaluation System. 3) Click on the Student Option and follow the instructions. Evaluations close on May 1st. Instructors will not have access to the evaluation results until grades are posted on May 12th.

Book Buy Back
Book Buy Back will take place the week of May 5 through May 8 (9am-7pm) and May 9 (9am-4pm) in the Bookstore. Sportswear items will be 10% off during Buy Back week!

Help Needed on May 2 and May 3
• Lawn Games - Do you have any lawn games you would be willing to borrow to MMC on Friday, May 2nd?
• Face Painters - I need 2 students to paint faces during Brat Fest on Friday, May 2nd (roughly 5pm-6:30pm).
• Graduation Volunteers - I need 1-2 more students to help hand out programs and do miscellaneous tasks for graduation (roughly 10:30am-12pm).
Please contact Cassi ASAP if you can help.

Graduation on May 3
Everyone is invited to attend the graduation ceremony for the December 2013, Spring 2014 and Summer 2014 graduates! The ceremony will take place at Holy Name Church (1009 Skyline Drive, Watertown) at 11:00am on Saturday, May 3.

Watertown Scholarship - Over $6000 will be given out!
How to apply: Complete an application (available in the College Office); Need to have completed 32 credit hours; Need to have a 3.0 cumulative GPA (minimum); Must enroll for a minimum of 6 credits for the fall 2014 and spring 2015 semesters. Please turn in your completed applications to Cassi by June 1.

Job Postings, Internships, and Career Information
If you are looking for an internship, a job or information on how to prepare a resume, follow the links on the website to Career Placement (Student Life to Career Placement) for information. Estelle Johnson will be happy to assist you with information or websites that will be very helpful. Check it out!

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